Medusa Truth Part 1 by Omit

Releases in 2014

Omit - Medusa Truth Part 1

Omit will be releasing their new full length album as 2014 comes to an end. Stay tuned for more info and announcements regarding a release date!

Secret Quarters Triple Pack by Havnatt, Omit, Vagrant God

Released 05 SEPTEMBER 2012

Order The Secret Quarters Triple Pack directly from Secret Quarters.
The Secret Quarters Triple Pack

Introducing the Secret Quarters Triple Pack. This is a bundle containing the CD versions of Havnatt's Havdøgn EP, Omit's Repose double album and Vagrant God's self-titled album. All three releases at the price of €29.99, including worldwide shipping. That's €12 off the regular price!

This CD bundle is only available for sale through the Secret Quarters Records webshop. Just use the Buy Now button below.

Repose by Omit

Released 01 SEPTEMBER 2011

Omit's long awaited and ambitious debut double album entitled Repose finally gets its release on Secret Quarters Records.

Omit is a melodic doom metal band based in Oslo, Norway, comprised of vocalist Cecilie Langlie (Skumring, Havnatt, Vagrant God), Tom Simonsen (Skumring, Havnatt, It's the End, Vagrant God) on guitars and bass and Kjetil Ottersen (Diagnostic, Vagrant God) on guitars and keyboards.

The band was founded by Cecilie, Kjetil and Tom in 2009. The recording of Omit's debut double album, entitled Repose, was completed in 2010. This album was released by the Secret Quarters Records on September 1, 2011. Subsequently, the album has been highly acclaimed by doom metal fans all over the world, and it has received a wealth of good reviews.

Omit is:
Cecilie Langlie - vocals
Tom Simonsen - guitars, bass, orchestral arrangements, programming.
Kjetil Ottersen - guitars, synths, programming.

Session musicians:
Mira Ursic - violins
Rosamund Brown - cellos

Mixed by Tom Simonsen. Recorded and mastered by Tom Simonsen and Kjetil Ottersen.

Album illustrations, photos and design by Kjell Ivar Lund.


The Medusa Truth Part 1 album artwork

From Blogger: 20 OCTOBER 2014

Here it is: The cover artwork for our new album entitled Medusa Truth Part 1. The album copies are being printed by Secret Quarters Records as we write this post, so expect us to announce the release date in the near future.

New album on the way

From Blogger: 20 OCTOBER 2014

As you may already have gathered from our posts on Facebook and other social media, our new album has been completely recorded, mixed and mastered. Furthermore, the artwork for the digital distribution and CD versions has been completed (which we have photographic hints at in this very post). It's all been shipped off to be printed, so expect us to reveal a release date in the near future. Our intention is to release the album in 2014.

The title for the new album is Medusa Truth Part 1, a title that just begs for a follow-up... Stay tuned for more details!

Half price on Repose in December

From Blogger: 06 DECEMBER 2011

Buy our Repose album for only €9.99 throughout December! This includes shipping to wherever you're located on the planet. Order directly from our record label's website by visiting

A bunch of reviews - Part Two

From Blogger: 23 SEPTEMBER 2011

A bunch of reviews

From Blogger: 19 SEPTEMBER 2011

The Repose album has received a lot of good reviews and positive feedback from the press and various webzines since its release on September 1. So, we figured that we should provide you all with a few links. Check them out below.

Thanks for buying the album, everyone!

From Metallized:
From Metal Wave:
From Dagheisha:
From Power of Metal:
From Goetia Metal Portal:
From Obliveon:
From Dangerdog:

The Repose album has been released!

From Blogger: 31 AUGUST 2011

The Repose album is finally out there! Thanks to the Secret Quarters label for making it possible, big thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and huge thanks to all our patient fans!

The album can be ordered directly from the label, right here, and soon it will start popping up in all sorts of places. We'll keep you posted on where it pops up, and when.

Pre-order the Repose album now!

From Blogger: 24 AUGUST 2011

Head over to to reserve your copy of Repose today! The album releases on September 1.

A clip from the Insolence track

From Blogger: 20 AUGUST 2011

This week's clip has been taken from the longest track of the Repose album, clocking in at over 26 minutes in length. As is the case with all the tracks on this album, this one also contains sections with fairly large arrangements and orchestral passages. It's without doubt the largest mix of the album - not only because of it's length - but also due to its total number of 74 mono and stereo tracks.

As the track itself has a decent length, we decided to make this week's clip a bit long as well. You can listen to it by clicking right here.

Repose pre-orders starting August 25!

From Blogger: 20 AUGUST 2011

Fresh from the factory
Originally uploaded by Omit

Starting August 25 you'll all be able to pre-order the Repose album from our record label's website. Make sure to plan a visit to that day! The store will open at midnight (Norwegian time, of course).

And this week's new clip is...

From Blogger: 07 AUGUST 2011

... a section from the track called "Fatigue". This track appears as the second track on disc one of (the CD version of) the Repose album. The clip features, among other things, a violin lead nicely executed by Mira Ursic, the great vocals of Cecilie Langlie and the lyrics of the late Einar Fredriksen.

You can find this week's clip right here!

The Repose album is headed for a worldwide release on Secret Quarters on September 1, 2011.